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Made with high quality palm oil, our laundry soaps contain a very high washing power and stability throughout the laundry process. Available in short bar and long bar; both laundry soaps are maximized to remove dirt and stains from your clothes; leaving them clean and fresh.


Laundry Soap comes in short bar and long bar.

Packaging Details:

Short Bar
Packing Details
1. 200 gr X 90 pcs/carton
Load Ability: 1315 cartons/20’ft container

2. 300 gr X 18 pcs/pack
Load Ability: 4240 cartons/20’ft container

3. 400 gr X 24 pcs/pack
Load Ability: 2350 cartons/20’ft container

4. 500 gr X 24 pcs/pack
Load Ability: 2082 cartons/20’ft container

Long Bar

Packing Details
1. 1 kg X 20 bars/carton
Load Ability: 1350 cartons/20’ft container