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Palm Oil Buyers Switch to Cheaper Rival Oils

The rebound in palm oil prices is likely to be capped by abundant supplies of rival soy oil and sunflower oil, “soft” oils that are available at discounts to tropical palm oil for the first time in more than a year.

Saudi Arabia Looks to Invest in Indonesia’s Palm Oil Industry

A Trade Attache to the Indonesian Embassy for Riyadh, Saudi Arabia stated that Saudi Agriculture and Livestock Company (SALIC) is interested to invest in vegetable oil products or palm oil in Indonesia.

11 Largest Palm Oil Producing Countries in the World, Indonesia Ranked 1st

Crude palm oil (CPO) is widely used for daily necessities, from cakes to cosmetics. Palm oil comes from oil palm trees that grow in tropical climates.

Asia, Middle East alternative markets for palm oil export: Economist

Asia and the Middle East could become alternative markets for Indonesian palm oil export after the European Union implemented the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) II policy, an economist stated.

The Health and Nutritional Benefits of Palm Oil

Palm oil is not only used daily as cooking oil, but is also commonly found in margarine, ice cream, chocolate, soap, instant noodles, biodiesel, cosmetic ingredients and cooking oil.

Palm Oil Industry as the Key to the National Economic Growth

SITH (School of Life Sciences and Technology) ITB’s Biomanagement Master’s Study Program held a guest lecture about the role of palm oil industries in Indonesia’s economic growth.