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Our range of multipurpose soaps are designed to simplify your bath and laundry routine. Both Winner and Primo Multipurpose Soaps are infused with a robust scent and added softener to give your skin and clothes that extra softness and long lasting fragrance.

Packaging Details:

150gr Flow Pack
150 gr X 48 pcs/carton
Load Ability: 3200 cartons/20’ft container

300gr Flow Pack
300 gr X 36 pcs/carton
Load Ability: 2130 cartons/20’ft container

Economic Pack
200 gr X 5 pcs in Flow Pack
10 packs/carton
Load Ability: 2300 cartons/20’ft container

200 gr X 3 pcs in Flow Pack
36 packs/carton
Load Ability: 1000 cartons/20’ft container