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White in appearance and with no distinct taste, ICC shortening is a premium quality shortening based on fractionated and refined Palm Oil. It is specially formulated to be used as a premium ingredient in breads, biscuits, cookies, wafers, cream filling, and various other bakery products.


Shortening 36 – 39 :
FFA ( As Palmitic) : 0.1% Max
Moisture & Impurities : 0.1% Max
Iodine Value ( Wijs) : 48-53
Melting Point ( AOCS CC3-25) : 36-39 Degrees Celcius
Colour ( 5 .” Lovibond Cell) : 3R/30 Y Max

Different melting points are available based on your requirement.

Packaging Details:

1. 20 kg cartons with inner plastic
Load Ability: 1054 cartons/20’ft container (21.08 MT)

2. 20 kg cartons with inner plastic
Load Ability: 1095 cartons/20’ft container (21.9 MT)