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Olivia Margarine has a great fruity flavor, making it tasty bread spread for everyday meals. It is suitable for baking your favorite breads and cookies, also for cooking vegetables.

Packaging Details:

250gr in Sachet
250 gr X 60 sachets/carton
Load Ability: 1380 cartons/20’ft container

4 kg in Pail
4 kg X 4 pails/carton
Load Ability: 789 cartons/20’ft container

10 kg in Pail
Load Ability: 1719 cartons/20’ft container

15kg Carton
Load Ability: 1520 cartons/20’ft container

250 gr sachets are available for consumer use. 4 kg pails, 10 kg pails, and 15kg cartons are available for bakery and industrial use.